Labeling the Boxes before Moving

Labeling the cardboard boxes before moving to a place in order to make it clear where the box would go in the new home is a general recommendation. However, you may wonder if labeling only to describe the destined portion in the new home would be enough. If you ask the persons who would have moved recently, they will definitely answer ‘no’. There are other descriptions that need to be put on the boxes and for that purpose, you will need to consider attaching extra labels beside room addresses.

Below are some ideas or recommendations you can get help from to specify more about how the boxes should be treated while on the way to their destinations.

Boxes that are meant to go to kitchen

Let’s say you have packed dishes in one box, appliances in another, utensils in another and so on. By labeling ‘Kitchen’ on each of these boxes wouldn’t let the handlers know what’s inside the box. Furthermore, you cannot expect the handlers to pay special attention to the box containing dishes with just a label that tell only about in what room the box would go. So, mentioning the specific area in a room along with the name of the items inside is the ideal way to go. For instance, if the dishes you have not cleaned are going to be packed in the box, it’s better if you label it ‘dishes for washing. This way, that box will be placed near sink.

Mentioning the types of living room items

Many of the living room items are not breakable such as pillows and parts of seating arrangements. But, the breakable items belonging to the living room are more fragile than other items. So, these are the two classes that you will need to consider while packing things belonging to the living room area. The movers or your friends need to know about the type of living room items they are going to handle. By attaching one more label describing the vulnerability level will help you to forewarn the handlers. Packing according to this classification is surely time consuming task but it saves you huge amount of money that you would spend on replacing the broken items.

Putting clothes in the boxes

Clothes are not fragile that will end getting broken during transportation. But putting clothes in the boxes and labeling the box ‘clothes’ is never wise. It’s easy to pack the clothes this way in haste but you will have a big task to identify which box belongs to which person. That will automatically result in the shuffling of boxes and it will take more time than you think to finally get every cloth to its owner. So, the boxes should be labeled with name of owner the clothes in the box belong to.

Another label that you really need to attach with the boxes is associated with a little description about season the clothes belong to. This way, the clothes will be quickly accessible.


Author: Nicholas King

Enthusiastic about developing acne in Phoenix, AZ. Spent two years getting to know bongos in Edison, NJ. Managed a small team exporting robots in Washington, DC. Spent college summers deploying toy elephants in Gainesville, FL.

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